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Ancient history

Taylor began his life onstage in a tap class that he took from age 8-11. Once he got that good and out of his system, he auditioned at a small community theatre and it was all downhill from there.

Since then, he has honed his skills not only as an actor, but also as a guitarist and singer. The most fun he ever has on stage is when he gets to employ all three skills on one project.



at the moment

Since moving to New York, Taylor has been continuing his acting training with classes, writing music for himself and for his band Coastline and maintaining a daily yoga practice.

He is always open for a spirited discussion about the subtle evils of social media, the genius of Mr. Bean or how he was an overweight child (probably part of the reason he was such a bad tapper).

in the future

Taylor hopes to be graced with a long career as a performer, whether it’s on stage, on camera or in the studio.

And of course, he will never stop adventuring with those he loves most.


Strathmore music hall

“Bloom did double duty as ‘Paul’, singing and playing acoustic guitar with grace and skill. For me, his stand out performances were his vocals and incredible guitar work on “Bleecker Street, “Homeward Bound,” and my personal favorite of the Simon and Garfunkel oeuvre, “The Only Living Boy in New York.”

byham theatre

“Bloom, who probably looks more like Tom Cruise than Simon, still was wonderfully convincing in nailing Simon’s essence.”

“‘Kathy’s Song,’ with its heartfelt pledge of love…was shimmering in its beauty.”