the simon and garfunkel story

On the road again! Taylor returns to the tour of The Simon and Garfunkel Story this fall!

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Spring Awakening

Taylor is insanely stoked to revisit his favorite musical, Spring Awakening, at the Gallery Players, May 18-June 9. This time, he’ll have the chance to perform a lot of the music on his guitar, and take on the role of Melchior.

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Romeo and Juliet

Keenan Tyler Oliphant’s vision of a Verona that explores the ruling power of whiteness and maleness enticed Taylor so much; and though he never thought he’d play such a role, Taylor will be performing as Juliet. Extremely limited seating and performances makes this a show performance you’ll have merely to hear tell of.


Josh turner - bury a friend

Another cover under the direction of Josh Turner, featuring Ben Cooley on lead vocal.


josh turner - for what it’s worth

During a day off in Daytona Beach, Taylor got the chance to collaborate once again with Josh Turner as well as the full band from The Simon and Garfunkel Story. Enjoy!


josh turner - sloop john b

While on tour with the Simon & Garfunkel story in the fall, we recorded a little cover along with our lead guitarist Josh Turner. Enjoy!

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The simon & garfunkel story

After a year off, Taylor is majorly stoked to be joining the Simon and Garfunkel Story for another fall season of touring. 


The unforgiving minute

Taylor is super stoked to have set out on a new artistic journey with fellow actors Riley Austin Scott and Scout Backus in the founding of The Unforgiving Minute. The company has been founded with the intention of producing "elemental theatre", storytelling broken down to the essential elements, any unnecessary detail is stripped away leaving only what is needed to tell the story in its clearest form. Pure extract of story.

Within this framework, the group is working on having an original production put up in early 2018. Keep an eye out for information regarding tickets, and in the mean time, follow The Unforgiving Minute on Instagram and check out our website!


Zero One

Taylor had a great time working on Zero One with Nick Neon and his awesome team. The film is a sequel to Nick's film, Ultra Bleu, which can be viewed here. Both films follow the life of 20-something Jimmy Park, the second film working as a continuation of his story a few years later.

Taylor couldn't be more excited to be part of such a talented and hard working group of artists. For information on Zero One, follow the link below!


The Simon and Garfunkel Story

Now seen by over a 1/4 million people across the world, ‘The Simon and Garfunkel Story’ is a critically acclaimed concert style theatre show about two young boys from Queens, New York who went on to become the world’s most successful music duo of all time. Using state of the art video projection, incredible lighting and a full live band ‘The Simon & Garfunkel Story’ is a moving and powerful concert featuring all the hits such as ‘Mrs Robinson’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, ‘Homeward Bound’, ‘Scarborough Fair’, ‘The Boxer’, ‘The Sound Of Silence’ and many more.

Taylor is beyond thrilled to be part of the North American Tour as Paul Simon!


The Foundry podcast

In partnership with Riley Austin Scott, this podcast focuses on Morality/Philosophy/Ethics and how they interact with the lives of artists and actors in New York City. 

The Foundry was initially begun during the summer of 2017 the day after Taylor moved to the city, and enjoyed a season of 9 episodes over the course of the summer. You can listen by clicking the button below, or follow The Foundry on Instagram as we gear up for our second season, due to release during the summer of 2018.


Lost Paradise

Maurice Fraga, artistic director of Ekilibre Dance Company, was kind enough to bring Taylor in on this tremendous project; an evening-length dance/theatre piece, discussing our motivation and commitment to finding our "soul-mate."


The Bodies will: Fill Drink or pour

The graduating acting class of Shenandoah University, of which Taylor is a part, recently took part in 2 weeks of intense workshopping with theatre artist and Neo-Futurism creator, Greg Allan. The result? An evening of plays written and performed by the class. With their local performance done, thanks to Jill at the Dharma Yoga Studio in downtown Winchester, VA, the class will be taking their show to the Arena Stage on Friday, April 21st at 8pm!


The last days of judas iscariot

Taylor is beyond excited to be portraying Satan in Stephen Adly Guirgis's thought-provoking and hilarious play. 

"Set in a time-bending, serio-comically imagined world between Heaven and Hell, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a philosophical meditation on the conflict between divine mercy and human free will that takes a close look at the eternal damnation of the Bible’s most notorious sinner."


Guys and Dolls

Talk about dreams come true! One of the first Broadway show-tunes Taylor ever heard was "Luck Be a Lady" as performed by Peter Gallagher. He is so excited to be given the opportunity to play Sky Masterson on the OBT stage in February!


The Tragical history of doctor faustus

For his first performance of the new year, Taylor got to perform the role of the Good Angel in Shut Up! It's Shakespeare's production of Doctor Faustus!


Julius caesar

Since his first read of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony has been Taylor's favorite Shakespearian character. Through this wonderful production of the play by Shut Up! It's Shakespeare, directed by Sidney Rubino, Taylor realized this dream and played the part. 


The Rocky Horror Show

A part Taylor never even hoped to play was Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Thanks to Drew Becker and YourAct Theatrical, Taylor got to strut the stage in a corset, fishnets, 6 1/2" platform stilettos and not much else!

Spring Awakening

To this day, Spring Awakening is Taylor's favorite musical. How great of an honor it is to have been a part of such a beautiful production of such an honest and hard-hitting show.